A pile of rocks sitting on one another demonstrating the value of balance while accepting the discomforts of life

Embracing the Discomforts of Life

For so much of our lives, we spend a great deal of time trying to make things as painless as possible. And while that’s something to be applauded, say, when working collaboratively with a colleague or trying to be a supportive partner, it’s also important to be wary of not embracing the discomforts of life in your own

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A pink turnstyle telephone

Answering Your Life’s Call

Going through the motions: We all do it. You might be in a monotonous day-to-day schedule or feel like you are only completing tasks to get them done. It’s okay. It happens to everyone, one way or another. And it’s not necessarily bad to be in this place. However, it may feel a bit underwhelming.

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Grasping the Nettle

I feel very privileged in my life to have had many memorable teachers and mentors to guide me. I could not imagine what my life would have been like without them. Their wisdom, insight into situations or guidance always seemed to have come at the right moment. Looking back, I remember one teacher, Mr. Hartman.

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A blue door opening to the outside to demonstrate the endless opportunities that exist

Endless Opportunities

A key component in my work is the idea that there are endless opportunities for everyone. It may involve seeing things from a new perspective or pushing yourself to find even the thinnest silver lining. It may even include making your own opportunities, whenever possible. But what does this look like? What are endless opportunities,

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A pink umbrella standing out against the black, "normal umbrellas

Normal is Overrated

What is normal? As a society, we’re always comparing ourselves to others, trying to be different enough so that it plays to our advantages, and yet similar enough so that we’re not rejected. Essentially, it’s a balancing act — albeit one that can be detrimental to our mental health. Why are we so obsessed with

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