The value of having a coach.

I believe we don’t have to do this journey alone. This is your moment. Transform yourself, reinvent your reality.

The values of having a Personal and Professional Development coach are endless. You receive direction and guidance through your life issues. You will gain self-confidence and feel assurance in your own decision making. Things become clear and easy to maintain with the help of a plan of direction. Possibilities and the dreams you have become reality, not just something you wish for. You find what it is to be happy.

While coaching can be a major life investment, the benefits of your life transformation are unsurmountable.


As a coach, Barb can provide the support you need to pursue your goals clearly and confidently. Through either 6 or 12 month commitment packages, she works with executive leaders and teams, as well as individuals, to improve communication practices and help foster elevated emotional intelligence.

  • 2-hour in-take session (in-person or over Zoom)
  • Monthly coaching support calls
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • 360 assessments, PeopleMap, and Emotional Intelligence assessments available


For professional development engagements, Barb is there to inspire teams and individuals as they learn more about themselves and those around them. She can help open the door to difficult conversations and get people thinking about their day-to-day habits, as well as what they’re actively putting out into the world.

  • Self-discovery
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Personal development


Barb’s training sessions are tailored to fit your unique needs and goals, as well as your team members’. With a focus on drawing awareness to your impact as an individual, she can help your team be more dynamic in the long run. How can you be a visionary? How do you lead yourself and your team and act as a supportive guide coach?

  • Connecting vs. communicating
  • Team development vs. team building
  • Impact intelligence vs. emotional intelligence
  • Activating vs. motivating


If coaching is the method for finding truth within clients, consulting is the path forward, the action plan for achieving long and short-term goals. By using a combination of coaching and consulting, Barb will help guide you from realization into mobilization as you actively achieve clarity and step toward your goals.

  • Focused and customized
  • 1-on-1 support
  • Team support
  • Unlimited email/text support

Does this sound like you?

And, are you ready to open up new opportunities to take your life to the next step?

I work with individuals who have a burning desire to change, gain clarity and have the tools to fully live to their potential. I guide you through self-discovery of who you are to align with your mission for your life.

Together, we will create the action and accountability plans to reach each of your goals.