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Journey down your path of self-discovery with coaching, specific to your needs as an individual. Barb Stone will work alongside you and give actionable advice as you pursue personal and professional growth.

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Get to know me as your coach.

I am Barb. I believe that there are endless opportunities for everyone. We can do it!

I am a believer in making a difference. I am committed to making a difference in people’s lives, because I am an advocate for everyone having to change and an opportunity to live their creative life to accomplish their purpose and live the full potential of their dreams.

Barbara Stone

Specializing in…

Create a Life of Clarity + Confidence

1-to-1 Coaching for Courageous Leaders

My specialty is working with individuals and professionals who feel stuck, aimless, or whelmed (over or under), and their passion is not aligned with their purpose. I will help guide you to find your PATH – your Passion (hunger), Actions needed to get there, making these Tangible, while as a coach, I Hold in the process with clarity, confidence, and purpose. Receive exceptional support as you work on a roadmap that suits your unique goals. Foster your emotional intelligence to put you on the path to success within your organization. Discover who you are as a leader and work on an action plan to keep your momentum going.

Ignite Your Passion Into Your Profession

Group & Individual Coaching and Development Training for Companies Launching their Work into the World

With over 20 years of business solution leadership, I provide a path and a plan to develop you and your team’s leadership skills. From being a leader of themselves, a visionary leader for the organization, and a leader as a coach to guide and support your employees, we work together to create customized plans for start-ups, as well as seasoned companies looking to take their companies to the next level. Clients feel supported, inspired, and confident to bring life into their work.


Custom designed packages to meet the needs of your organization

As a coach and business leader, I believe in meeting the client where they are! Collectively, we determine the needs of your organization: Strategic Planning and Development; Business Plans, Leadership and Team Development Training and Coaching; Accounting and Financial Guidance; Marketing Strategies; Executive Dialogue; Mentoring Programs; and Operational Improvement Strategies. I work hands-on to guide you and get you to the results that you need.


Let your organization be inspired to take action!

Feel inspired as you set and achieve your goals for team, leadership, or personal growth. Learn how to open the door to difficult conversations and discover how you can be a more dynamic team member in order to lead yourself or your organization to success. Let’s talk about what will inspire and activate your organization. You will not be disappointed. 

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