Are You Just a Bottle of Wine?

If you are, what is your blend?

Years ago, I attend a seminar on the making of Bordeaux wines. Each participant was given 5 samples of wine.

After tasting the samples individually, I was confused as these wines tasted horrible.

What a mess!  What are they thinking?

Finally, we had a chance to taste THE Bordeaux, a blend of the previous 5 wines. It was perfect!

It got me thinking… Wow! Aren’t we a blend of our experiences?

So many times, you try to figure out what is the right way to do something.

How many times you heard, you need to do this or that to be successful?

Working towards success is messy and confusing for you, confusing for everybody.

What if you were to take all that advice, input it, and create your own blend?

Adding in all the flavors of those mentors you have made a positive difference and impact in your life.

Teaching you hard work, ethics, integrity, empathy, kindness, the desire to learn, and the drive to be your best.

Recognizing what aligns with your own values, your strengths, and the passion you want to put into the world.

Think about this…  could that be your blend? Your own unique blend!!!!

Maybe it is mixing all the advice, learning, and experience into making that your blend!!!

Remember… the blend is always changing. You keep adding new experiences and people into your life.

And that is OK!!!

Because for the present, for you, it is perfect.

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