How to Find the Questions That Keep You on Your Path

As a leadership coach, I notice it far too often. People seem to live on autopilot mode and are not even aware of that. But there comes a point when they will pause and wonder whether what they are doing is what they were meant to be doing. Whether this is the life they had always wanted to live. 

This isn’t limited to those who are trying to succeed. I frequently see it among successful entrepreneurs and professionals. They are not sure whether they are fulfilling their life’s purpose. Whether they are making the difference they want to.

In other words, even those who have found their path can have their doubts. If you too have your apprehensions, don’t worry. All it takes is to find the questions that will reveal your life’s goals. To make it easy for you, here are four questions that will help you stick to your chosen path. They will reveal your why, how, and what.

1. What Would You do if You Knew Failing Wasn’t an Option?

Failure isn’t the biggest problem for an entrepreneur. It’s the fear of failure. 

As I tell my clients, this fear is primarily due to conditioning, lack of clarity, or unrelated anecdotes of others. Unfortunately, this fear can stop most people from moving on to the next big project or realizing their full potential. 

Most people know what they want to do at some level. But due to societal conditioning and dispiriting advice from colleagues and friends, they lie to themselves that it can’t be done. What’s more disconcerting is that they look for proof that what they want can never happen. That lets them justify their inaction. 

When you presume that failure is not an option, there will be clarity on what you want. You won’t be stopped on your tracks before you even start. You will know that you can get where you want to go as long as you keep moving. 

With this one question, you not only remove every shred of pessimism from your mind but also get clarity on your biggest project. 

2. What Would Your Life Look Like if You Achieve all of Your Goals?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be once you achieve every goal? Do you know how every aspect of your life would be if you become successful by the yardsticks you have chosen for yourself? 

I discuss these with my clients to help them create a holistic, viable, and meaningful life track. Why is this question important? Because it will reveal whether your values align with your goals. If they don’t, the achievements may end up being unfulfilling. 

When some people think of their goals, it’s mostly about the destination and not what it would mean to them. Whether it’s a C-Suite role, getting a new investor, or taking their company public, it’s almost always about the action. 

When you can visualize all aspects of your life after you have achieved your goals, you will know whether those goals are meaningful or whether you should be looking elsewhere. This question, as my clients discover in our programs, may also encourage people to orient their careers based on their life stages. 

3. What’s the Biggest Impact You Want to Create?

In our professional lives, there are transactional tasks, medium to long-term tasks, and then there are projects that would create the biggest impacts. Being busy with their careers, most people seldom think of the third aspect.

This question will force you to look beyond the daily grind of your job or business. Your vision would go beyond quarters and fiscal years. It would reveal to you, usually with the help of an experienced life coach, the most fundamental of all your goals. 

It may surprise some people to know that merely being aware of that goal can be liberating. Suddenly, you would discover purpose. Even if it’s only a vague idea of the impact you want to leave on this world, you would be excited and encouraged. 

Even if you don’t know precisely all the steps you have to create, you won’t be disheartened. Being aware of your mission would help you spot opportunities. It will persuade you to take incremental but meaningful steps that would put you on the right track. 

Soon enough, all those small actions would compound and enable you to make a long-lasting impact. 

4. How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

Quite simply, this is the biggest one of all. As a life coach, I believe it’s my responsibility to force my clients to ponder this. I have found that some people think that it’s too early or at times too late to ask this question. But the truth is you always have the time to make meaningful changes in your professional and personal lives.

The answer to this question would force you to think about all facets of your life. It might also surprise many people to realize that they can lead a fulfilling life that positively impacts one’s professional sphere, family, friends, and community at large without compromising on any one aspect. 

When you think of the cumulative impact of your life, it will force you to make some changes, correct course, and apply the best practices learned from others. This question is the most important one because it affects every aspect of your life. It would also affect the lives of those around you. 

If you have never thought about these questions, it can be a bit challenging at first. But it’s important that you spend some time and effort if you want to stick to your chosen path and get exponential results in all facets of your life. As all of my clients have found out, in this path of self-discovery, it’s good to have personalized coaching from a seasoned professional. 

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