Stepping into Possibilities: How to Transition from Surviving to Living

It’s not uncommon for people to feel stuck, bored, or melancholy in their current lives. The option for change is always present, but change is uncomfortable, and can often be intimidating to implement without a forceful push.

It can be daunting to investigate the thought of accepting the possibility that you could be the one that’s holding yourself back. Pushing away possibilities that come your way is your current plan of action. What if I told you that simply stepping into possibilities that are slightly intimidating may help you see opportunities that you previously wouldn’t have noticed? 

The first step is always the hardest, but once you’ve decided to begin stepping into possibilities surrounding you, you’ll have set the stage for major fulfillment over time. 

Get Out of Your Head

It’s likely that the biggest thing holding you back is the limiting mindset that you’ve accepted for yourself. To begin recognizing the possibilities around you, you must allow your mind to take a backseat and listen to your heart. If you have always survived by listening to your head over your heart, this may be difficult, but you will get there.

Regardless of the uncertainty that you may feel, your heart will lead you to your deepest desires that have been blocked by your brain to protect you from discomfort and vulnerability. When you allow possibility to seep in, doors begin to open faster than you’ve ever experienced before. 

Challenge Yourself 

Stepping into possibilities begins with deep introspection, which takes patience and practice. You can begin by asking yourself some questions:

What beliefs have you engraved so deeply into yourself that they’ve become part of your identity? 

When beliefs about ourselves are continuously reinforced, they often become part of our identity, regardless of if they are positive or negative. Our beliefs do hold an important part in our lives, but typically, they aren’t who we are as people unless we want them to be.

If you say to yourself constantly over the course of several years that you can’t quit smoking, you begin to believe that you are a smoker. If you spend most of your time in your home, you begin to believe that you are a hermit. Similarly with positive beliefs about yourself, if you clean your bedroom every single day, you begin to believe that you are a clean person. Identifying your beliefs can show you exactly what you want to change about yourself, opening the door for new possibilities. 

What are you currently continuing to do in your daily life that is no longer serving you? 

If you sit down and examine aspects of your life, you may begin to recognize things that are no longer bringing you joy or enhancing your life in any way. It’s hard to let go of things that were once beneficial to us, but as you grow as a person, it’s common to also grow out of things and situations that once meant a lot to us. Letting go of these things is the best way to allow yourself to begin stepping into possibilities that were previously blocked by things that were no longer serving you.

What barriers are you focusing on? 

When you’re looking for excuses, reasons to not do something appear everywhere. The more you focus your attention on why you can’t do something, the more you will continuously see barriers that prevent you from moving forward. 

Recognizing how even the smallest actions are affecting your mindset is part of the challenge but can lead you to learning new things about yourself that make you want to focus on stepping into possibilities. When you recognize your habits, you pave the path for personal growth. 

Inch by Inch 

It can be daunting to decide that you’re ready to shift your mindset to feel ready to begin stepping into possibilities because it’s easy to assume that you must completely submerge yourself in order to see changes. It’s important to keep in mind that learning to step into possibilities doesn’t have to be a major shift or radical change. You’re allowed to just dip a toe in to see how it makes you feel. Even tiny changes can bring about new possibilities, and the tiny changes will naturally become bigger and bigger over time. 

You may not be able to run a marathon right now, but you can walk around the block. 

Let Go of the Plan

Plans can be great and serve many people well, but when it comes to stepping into possibilities, it’s important to keep an open mind of what could come. If you make a step-by-step, check the box process, you may again limit yourself and ignore possibilities that are outside of the plan. 

As the process naturally continues with stepping into possibilities, focus on how you’re feeling and be sure to take a step back when something no longer feels like you, or who you want to become. This is a process of continually stepping up for yourself. 

Surviving vs. Living 

As humans in today’s society, it’s easy and comfortable to slip into everyday norms that don’t push us to strive for more. Many people around the world are merely surviving, allowing their lives to become mundane and routine to the point of complete boredom, day after day passing them by with no change at all.

If this is you, know that you’re not alone and you too can begin stepping into possibilities with practice. By learning how to transition your mindset to being open to possibilities, you can go from surviving to really living. 

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