Living Life to the Fullest: Finding Your Best Self

Living life to the fullest is a goal that almost everyone has, but have you ever asked yourself what it will take to get there? Living life to the fullest is only reached when you discover who you really are.

Many people navigate their lives today by finding ways to fit in rather than discovering what truly makes their hearts full. Finding your best self shows you your passions, hopes, dreams, and the things that bring you the most joy.

The Importance of Finding Your Best Self

Simply put, we only get one shot at this life that we’re living, and it’s up to us to decide how we want to live it. When you’ve advanced through life and look back on how you lived it, you don’t want to have any feelings of regret. Instead, you want to be able to say, “I found my purpose and did the things that made me feel the most alive,” rather than, “I never found the truest and best version of myself.”

The journey of finding your best self is freeing. You learn that you don’t need to seek approval from others because you’re confident in the person you are and your choices. Finding your best self answers questions in your life that would have otherwise remained a mystery because it leads you in the direction that you’re able to start living your life to the fullest.

How Do I Find My Best Self?

Realizing that you aren’t sure how to discover your best self can be daunting and makes navigating the path of ‘finding your best me’ difficult. So here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to start your process:

Discover Your Needs

To discover what you need in life, you’ll have to ask yourself several questions. It’s best to have a journal to write down your answers so that you can go back later as a reminder or to see how they might have changed. Don’t rush when answering; allow yourself to go into depth as much as you like. Not all of your questions need to be answered all at once.

  • What makes me come alive?
  • What small things bring me the most joy? What big things bring me the most joy?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What things in my life do I really appreciate?
  • What steps am I currently taking to reach my goals?
  • How can I build on what makes me happy?
    • Think of an experience or time in your life when you were at your best, what went well? Close your eyes and feel that joy! What is coming up for you?
  • How can I invite more peace and joy into my life?
  • What are my biggest strengths?
  • What is something that I’m incredibly passionate about?

Don’t limit yourself to stopping once these questions are answered. Instead, continue to dig deep and learn as much about yourself as possible to start finding your best “me.”

Visualize it

Visualizing a situation your best self may experience and writing it down is extremely powerful throughout your journey. Before you begin visualizing, find somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable and aren’t likely to be interrupted. After you’re in your quiet space, think of a specific time in the future when you’ve reached your best self and imagine where you could be. Be sure to stay realistic; this isn’t your biggest fantasy but something that is attainable.

Allow your mind to wander, let yourself see your surroundings, hear the sounds around you, and feel the feelings that this version of you would feel. Then, visualize your professional life, social life, and romantic or platonic relationships if things work out exactly how you want them to. Don’t worry about being too vague or too in-depth; just allow the writing to flow.

When your brain can visualize the version of your best self, it begins to think of it as a possibility.


Finding your best self isn’t a one-and-done. This process is a marathon, not a sprint, and it will involve some trial and error before you get it right. To find your passions, hopes, dreams, and purpose, you must experiment with different things – hobbies, charity events, social functions, routines – get creative. Every step that you take brings you closer to finding your best self.

There are so many other steps that you can take to finding your best self and living life to the fullest, so make the journey enjoyable. If you’re struggling to take your first step or just want support along the way, reach out to me for a coaching call.

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