Finding Your Compass in Life

Someone holding a compass in front of a body of water to demonstrate finding your compass in life

Sometimes, life feels like you’re driving on a foggy road: You don’t know where you’re headed, and all you know is that you have to keep going. It’s easy to feel lost in life, and it’s easy to get off of our true life path and not even realize it. That’s where finding your compass in life comes in. True life alignment feels like driving on an endless open road, full of possibilities and free of uncertainty.

Do you feel like your life is one string of mishaps, one after the other? Do things never seem to work out in your favor? Do you just feel stuck?

For generations, we’ve been taught to live the way society dictates to us, and very often we find ourselves in jobs/marriages/lives that aren’t actually aligned to our true purpose in life. It may feel scary to step outside of your comfort zone, outside of the “normal,” but being on your true life’s journey is endlessly rewarding. 

Remember: “Fortune favors the brave.”

What’s Truly Inside Our Hearts

The first questions you must ask yourself when discovering your compass in life are, “if I could do anything in the world, what would it be?” and “when do I feel most fulfilled?” 

Often, the answer lies in our services to others. It’s true that we may find the most joy and purpose when we are able to help others because of either our skills or our servant’s heart.

It’s a tried-and-true phenomenon, but doing things for others and giving with a selfless heart truly makes you feel great. It’s inherently self-serving in how good it feels to act for others.

Taking a deep dive within our hearts is the first necessary step to aligning to our true life path. I highly recommend meditation tools and journaling through any thoughts and emotions that come up during this time.

Often, the road to enlightenment can be filled with many obstacles and traumas from our past that we must work through to find peace.

Finding Our Life Alignment Path

This path feels like the truest and most authentic version of you. It feels like wild hair, full of energy, sparkles on your skin, and a smile that just won’t go away. And you may not believe this, but when you are in the direction of your true life path, the universe aligns for you. Things just seem to work out when you are in a balanced state of mind and living in your authentic truth.

Now, this means something different for everyone, and there is no clear journey to this path. There isn’t an instruction manual that is going to tell you step-by-step how to find your life’s purpose, and you cannot try to fit yourself into a box of what is trendy or popular. It’s what feels right for you.

Your path is where you feel most at home, the people you feel most at home with, even if society or your community is telling you otherwise. Your vibe attracts your tribe after all, and when you are truly aligned with your life’s purpose, the right people will be attracted to you.

Setting Boundaries With Yourself and Others

An important step on the path of life alignment is setting boundaries both with yourself and others. You cannot be on your true life path when your mind and body are clouded with substances, traumas, unhealthy lifestyles, and “fog.” 

The “fog” can be any form of over-indulgence, whether it’s laying around, working out, external support systems, eating, drinking, etc.

To overcome these crutches to deal with the emotional strength required to get through the challenges of life, we must begin to set boundaries with ourselves and others. When we stick to our goals, we feel a sense of accomplishment and want to keep going.

If you feel like you are constantly doing for others to the point that you are not maintaining your own physical, mental, and spiritual health, take a step back and heal yourself. You cannot be of service to others when your own energetic cup is not full. How can you fill others when you have nothing left to give? Setting boundaries and taking time for rest are not selfish; they are sustainable practices to help you help others.

Need Some Extra Help Finding Your Compass?

Do you find that you struggle with identifying your life’s purpose and finding your compass? As a professional coach, I am committed to helping everyone find their purpose in life and align their life path to their authentic self. I know what it’s like to put on a mask every day and how exhausting that can be on our well-being. Set up a meeting today. 

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