Answering Your Life’s Call

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Going through the motions: We all do it. You might be in a monotonous day-to-day schedule or feel like you are only completing tasks to get them done.

It’s okay. It happens to everyone, one way or another. And it’s not necessarily bad to be in this place. However, it may feel a bit underwhelming. The question is, how do you break out of this unfulfilling cycle?

There are no hard and fast rules for answering your life’s call. The most important thing is to recognize it and act on that. Today, let’s take a look at how you can do that.

Enter Your Zone of Genius

What do you love doing so much, you would do it for free each and every day? What skills do you have that make you think, I was born to do this? That is your zone of genius.

Every person has one: a skillset that is unique to them and makes them feel the happiest and most fulfilled when using it.

The Zone of Genius is where the magic happens. You feel in flow and fulfillment. The hours may pass as you do what you love, and it does not even feel like work. Time seems to fly by when you are doing these things, and doing these things ignites a feeling of expansiveness and excitement within you.

This skillset could be something you’ve had and known about your entire life or something you’ve recently picked up and loved. It may even be something you haven’t tried yet. The big takeaway is that it’s something you love doing and may even feel very confident about.

It’s also important to note that your Zone of Genius does not have to exist solely within the workplace. Perhaps you’re an excellent listener, the person your friends usually go to for advice and to talk things out. This skill can transcend boundaries between your work life and personal life, and it’s not necessary that your life’s call fit into one of these restrictive boxes.

Take the time to get to know what your Zone of Genius is. Your life’s call may be closely intertwined with it.

Take Time To Listen

Opportunities pop up all over, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Your life’s call could be one phone call, one conversation, or one job application away. Be sure to take these opportunities if you’re able and feel like it’s the right step in your life’s journey.

If you close yourself off to opportunities, you’ll most likely stay stuck in the monotonous cycle that you’re hoping to break out of.

Along these same lines, don’t be afraid to make opportunities for yourself. Sometimes, the best way to make something happen is to take matters into your own hands.

And yet, other times, this isn’t an option. Rather, you have to do what you can, let go, and trust that the right opportunity will present itself.

Have Patience (But Know When To Get Moving)

Sometimes, answering life’s call means hustling and getting things done for yourself. It takes courage, action, and passion to go out and make it happen.

Other times, answering your life’s call involves a lot of waiting and hoping that the things that are out of your hands will fall into place. However, that doesn’t mean that the waiting takes any less courage, action, and passion than being able to get things done on your own.

And that can be scary to think about!

Answering your life’s call doesn’t always pan out in the way you had hoped, which can be discouraging. You may be tempted to stop trying and, ultimately, only you know what’s right for your own health, well-being, and future journey.

Still, that brings us to our last point of conversation:

Step Into The Unknown

Once in a while, the thing that stops people from answering their life’s call is fear and discomfort. Taking a leap of faith, trying something you never have, takes a great deal of boldness. You may not know how you’ll get through the fear, but one thing is for certain:

You already have this boldness inside of you.

Take things one step, one day, at a time. Growing is a process, one that never really ends, and you have to commit to growing through the discomfort in order to reach the other side, your life’s call, your zone of genius.

Lean on your support group – your tribe, your group of friends – and never be afraid to ask for help. Big life changes can lead to feelings of doubt and uncertainty, and having someone to help you every step of the way can ease some of the burden.

The important thing is to keep going, even if the process of answering your life’s call gets more challenging. You will make it through and be proud of the learning you did along the way.

In Summary

Everybody has a calling in life, but only a few will answer it. Learn to overcome the paralyzing fear of not knowing how to take the next steps, and allow the discomfort of what is unknown give you the strength you need to continue forward.

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