Giving Yourself Full Permission to: Learn and Grow

Life is messy and complicated. Sometimes we fall into an unhelpful mindset that we should be acting a certain way and should have accomplished certain things by a specific point.

This can lead to the feeling of being stuck and unhappy with ourselves and our lives. It’s important to stop yourself and ask, “are the messages I’m telling myself helpful, or are they hindering my ability to learn and grow?”

If your rhetoric sounds like the above, it’s time to work toward giving yourself full permission to accept yourself as you are so that you can learn and grow. This means you take notice of what needs to change and trust yourself to make those changes.

It is about allowing yourself to learn from what doesn’t work and continuing to try until you find what does. So, give yourself permission to be beautifully imperfect while you discover what will help you love your life. Because in order to live our lives to the fullest, we must consistently give ourselves full permission to learn and grow.

Full Permission to Always Be Learning

When we give ourselves full permission to always be learning, we are telling the universe that we are open to possibilities and change. Instead of waiting for an outside factor to grant you permission to take action, you must give it to yourself. You are investing in yourself and your life-long happiness by always allowing yourself the space to learn.

Why You Should Always Give Yourself Full Permission to Learn

When we give ourselves full permission to always be learning, we open ourselves up to the possibilities of change. The journey is just as powerful as the destination, which we tend to forget as goal-driven humans. Along the way, it’s essential to celebrate the small wins because they reinforce that you are enough, just as you are, mess and all.

When we have full permission to learn, we are telling ourselves it is okay to make mistakes because they allow us to learn from them, resulting in us growing as a person. The person we’re becoming may not be who we were as we continue to learn more about the world, our values, and who we are as a whole. Sometimes, the lessons we’ve learned will take us in a new direction, impacting relationships, careers, and other key areas of our lives. Although this change is scary, it is necessary, and the only way to keep improving is always to give ourselves full permission to learn.

How to Give Yourself Full Permission to Always Be Learning

Give yourself the same encouragement and kindness you would offer a friend or loved one who is on a new journey. Part of trying to learn and grow is failing and stumbling along the way. You would never talk negatively to someone you love, so don’t speak that way to yourself.

Praise yourself for trying something new, and keep encouraging yourself. Have openness and self-trust to try, even when it may lead us down a road we’ve never been before or is more than likely to lead to failure. Instead of focusing solely on the potential outcome, this mindset will lead you closer to your goals. Because it’s true what they say, you learn much more from your failures than your successes.

Full Permission to Always Be Growing

Similar to the concept of giving yourself permission to learn, it’s essential to give yourself permission to always be growing. While growth and learning go hand in hand, the growth journey means that you don’t restrain yourself with things that don’t challenge, change, or teach you something. You need to be willing to take risks and make mistakes to experience true growth, meaning that once you’re able to accept every challenge thrown your way, you are truly giving yourself full permission to always be growing.

Why You Should Always Give Yourself Full Permission to Grow

Giving full permission to grow comes with numerous benefits that will apply to your life. When you learn what makes you feel happy and fulfilled vs. what doesn’t, you begin to live a life that is true to yourself. You know what energizes you and what doesn’t. The key is to trust yourself; give yourself full permission to grow, embrace the changes you want, and truly live for yourself.

How to Give Yourself Full Permission to Always Be Growing

Growth is scary and exciting at the same time. To give yourself full permission to always be growing is to allow yourself permission to fail, stumble, learn, and succeed. When you make mistakes, you not only learn but you build character. Your mindset changes, and success mean more because of the journey it took to get you there. By letting go of the fear of failing and having patience with yourself, you allow yourself to be imperfect (as we all are), enabling you to learn and grow fully.

To give yourself full permission to grow, do something that scares you and pushes you further than you thought possible. In the moment, it may be terrifying; there will be times when giving up is so much easier than pushing forward, but real, lasting growth develops in those moments when we choose not to quit.

Putting Full Permission to Learn and Grow into Practice

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you begin the process of giving yourself full permission to learn and grow.

Permission to say ‘no’. Many of us are people-pleasers. But one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is learning to say ‘no’ to the things that do not serve us and make us feel good. In doing so, we free up time and energy for what does.

Permission to trust yourself. You know what makes you happy and feel good and what doesn’t. Allowing yourself to slow down and consider your needs will help you to understand what you need to be able to continue learning and growing.

Permission to fail. Our journeys are not linear. For this reason, we must allow ourselves to try, make mistakes, start over, learn, grow, realize what doesn’t work for us, and most of all, own the fact that we will never finish learning or growing.

Learning and growing are life-long commitments we make to ourselves in order to be better. When life gets tough, we learn and grow the most, so the key is to welcome challenges and own our hardships to become stronger and more knowledgeable than we’ve been before.

Giving ourselves full permission to learn and grow will be a journey, and with each peak and valley we overcome, it gets a little bit easier and a little less scary.

If you’d like to work on giving yourself full permission to learn and grow but aren’t quite sure where to start, reach out to me today so we can begin your life-long journey to giving full permission together.

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